New beginnings, new purpose

Ok, so it’s been, I don’t know, a year and a half since my last post. I’m sure you’ve all slept at night and managed without one… but I’m feeling a renewed sense of purpose… so I give to you the new (and slightly more focused)… SnarkSense!

Drum roll, please….

SnarkSense Gets Fit!!

Highly original, I know, with all the thousands of fitness and weight loss journey blogs out there. I’m leaving my old posts up because I can’t promise I won’t occasionally post a bit of randomness… but for now, the fit journey it is.

Let’s make something clear right now. I am not your standard fitness blogger. I am nowhere NEAR close to reaching anything close to my goal weight, and this is 100% a struggle for me. I am not having an easy go of it (though I have had easier times in the past). At my heaviest, back in high school, I weighed about 220 lbs., and at my lightest, I was about 148 lbs. (though I was pretty sick at the time, and it wasn’t cute.) Now… gulp… I weigh 193.8 lbs. as of my last weigh-in. I am dying a little inside that I just said that publicly where the both of you reading this can see it, but I suppose if I am going to do this to help keep myself accountable, I should probably be honest, right?

photo 1 (2)

me a few years ago, probably about 215 lbs. and me a few weeks ago at around 196 lbs.

I’ve gotten pretty serious about this whole endeavor. I’m on an 8 Week Transformation Challenge right now… with Fitness By Example. Mike, the trainer and owner… is FANTASTIC. I love him. I’m partaking in the challenge virtually because I no longer live close enough to go to boot camp there regularly… so I go to the Fit Body Boot Camp Orlando classes. I love them, too. I also go to the regular gym. Basically… it takes several teams of people to keep me on point. And the Internets. Which means you.

So basically, here’s where I stand on this journey:

-I have been fluctuating within the same 5 lbs. or so FOR MONTHS… which is beyond frustrating.

-I’m in Week 2 of the Challenge… I lost 2 lbs. the first week. While this is good, I can’t help being frustrated that the last time I did this challenge, I lost 10 lbs. the first week (and then stalled out for the 2 weeks after that. So maybe this time I am the tortoise? I WILL WIN!)

-I haven’t had any soda, diet or otherwise, in about 14 months… So I guess we can say, if nothing else, that’s the one healthier habit that has stuck.

-I struggle with being tired all of the time because of some sort of as-yet-diagnosed issue which is challenging, but so far, I manage to push through (some days are better than others) anyway

-My nutrition is the best it’s been in my life… but still, I have a ways to go

-I have a lot of muscle! You can’t see any of it because I have a nice, plush layer of fat hiding it all, but I swear, it’s there!!

So that’s where I’m at, you’re more or less updated. (Captivating, I know).

This brings me to the first thing about this journey I want to share with you.

Boot camp workouts are TOUGH. They may only be 30 minutes, but there’s basically no rest at all. This is good, because right about the time I want to burn the building down, it’s all over. I highly recommend them for people who have short attention spans.

But the point is, some women say “I don’t sweat, I sparkle.”

Let’s get one thing straight– there will be no sparkling. I sweat. And I don’t just sweat. I SWEAT.

Like, four minutes into a workout, I’m dripping off whatever makeup I’m wearing, and spraying sweat when I exhale. There is nothing cute about this. Then, I get home and my dogs think I’m a salt lick. (It’s not out of the ordinary to hear me yelling that ‘we don’t lick armpits in this house’ to the dogs.)

But man, afterwards, after my heart stops beating 165488765 times a minute and I’m certain I won’t die… it feels GOOD.

Because after all, sweat is just fat crying, right?

So thanks for reading… I promise it won’t be another year and a half until my next post… and we’ll see where this takes us!


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